One-on-one genealogical services, exploring your past with an eye towards the future.

Some of us know of relatives from many generations past, while others may not even know our own parents. But all of us have a rich and deep history, and a life born from a unique collection of human experiences and relationships.

From this unique history, we can learn about the lives of our ancestors and better understand ourselves. And, with Touchstone Genealogical Services, you can discover your history, and seek the stories of family past that are worth knowing, worth sharing, and worth preserving.  

Following genealogical best practices, Touchstone's services use time-tested methodologies of historical research alongside modern tools and services — such as digitized records, online databases, and DNA testing — in order to maximize opportunities for discovery. 

Professional genealogical research, with a personal touch.

Whether you're an individual who is new to exploring your family history, a hobbyist faced with a brick wall, or someone curious about DNA testing, Touchstone offers personalized services tailored to your goals. Clients work directly with genealogist Jennifer Randolph through every step of their project, from the initial consult to completion. Meanwhile, ongoing communication ensures you're always up-to-date on progress and involved in decision-making around the scope and direction of research.  

Touchstone Genealogy offers a flexible approach, providing each client with what they seek, be it a formal report addressing a particular question about a relative; a completed lineage society application; a family tree file for professional printing and display; or an ancestral geography that will serve as the roadmap for a heritage journey. Touchstone ensures we provide accurate, sound information about your heritage, but you decide how to make that information meaningful and memorable for your family.

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Services for projects as varied and unique as your ancestry.

Services offered by Touchstone include, but are not limited to:

  • Family history research, such as tracing ancestry and descendancy

  • Development of DNA testing plans

  • Interpretation of DNA testing results

  • Document transcription and abstraction

  • Computerization of pedigrees and family trees

  • Completion of lineage society applications

  • Record lookups and document retrieval

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