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Whether you're exploring your ancestry for the first time, or you've simply hit a brick wall while doing research on your own, Touchstone provides a broad array of services to help you discover your family history. From document retrieval and lookups, to family history research and DNA testing advising, Jennifer can guide you in your journey.

Touchstone Investigations

Touchstone Genealogy can help uncover your ancestors' identities and discover details about their lives. We search well beyond the records readily available through online services, ensuring we provide you with accurate and detailed information. We also have the experience to evaluate sources carefully, resolve conflicting evidence, and make solid conclusions. Our research can expand your tree; identify and correct errors that may be lurking in your existing tree; add details and context to your ancestors' lives beyond mere dates; or serve as the information and documentation needed in support of a lineage society application. All our work - and the sourcing behind it - is carefully and fully documented.


Touchstone Genetics

DNA testing is quickly becoming an indispensable tool in genealogy. Tests, when used to full advantage, can provide hints about ethnic origins and deep ancestry; confirm relationships suggested by paper records; and help identify and connect close family members previously lost to each other. But all the choices involved in testing can be confusing, and mistakes can be costly. Our pre-testing plans provide you with a blueprint as to which DNA tests to pursue, which testing companies to use, and the most beneficial family members to test for your particular goals. After testing, we can help you pull out as much information as possible from your results, making use of advanced analysis techniques as well as third party tools. All of our DNA testing services include a written report with helpful background information for context and future reference.


Touchstone Retrieval

For private clients and other professional genealogists, accessing archived documents in remote locations can be challenging and burdensome. Touchstone Genealogy can access a variety of repositories and courthouses in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, in order to seek critical documents that can clarify family history.


Touchstone Journeys

Some clients may have needs that require a variety of services or necessitate a highly customized approach. Since every individual and family is unique, we craft our services for whatever your genealogical needs may be. Furthermore, we offer gift certificates for those interested in introducing friends, family members, or colleagues to the wonders and joys of discovering their family history.